Понедельник 22 Апрель 2019

Звезды в технологии Slow Motion на красной дорожке. ВИДЕО

Снимать кино в наше время — одно удовольствие. Посмотрите на этот эффект, посмотрите на звёзд!

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Miley Cyrus!! I literally haven’t seen Miley in 11 years! My first “big” job directing was to direct her M&M Cru Dance Videos on YouTube, and we had quite the adventure creating 2 online dance videos and a live performance on the Teen Choice Awards (which is where one of the producers I worked with the fabulous @Eddie_Delbridge went on to produce the Red Carpets for E! and hired me to direct The GlamBOT … how FULL CIRCLE) but I digress, the carpet was so frenetic, and I look so different I’m not sure Miley recognized me, but it was good to see her nonetheless. And I should mention her wink was a normal wink, we just slow the footage down so much it seems like she’s holding it! 😛 So good to see you again Miley! #MileyCyrus #HannahMontana #MMCru

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